Corrosion Free Fiberglass Piping Solutions for the Canadian Oilfield

Fiberglass Solutions

Fiberglass PIPING Liner

Our fiberglass piping liner options offer non-metallic composition for corrosion resistance and no upper limit of H2S concentration, making them suitable for various oilfield applications. 

High-tensile strength for longer pulls (i.e. 2400 m of 6″ liner).

Sizes range from ½” to 12″, pressure ratings from 800 psi – 3500 psi, and temperature ratings of 65°C, 93.3°C, and 100°C.


Offerings for flow lines, injection/disposal, group lines and large diameter fluid handling.

Three unique epoxy resin systems – anhydride (65 deg C), aliphatic (93.3 deg C) and Aromatic (100 deg C).

Longest running stocking distributor of NOV FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS products with offerings from 1 1/2” to 40”, pressures up to 4000psi (in certain diameters), and temperatures to 100 deg C. 


Offerings for facility/process piping including fluid handling, vapor recovery, vent lines, flare lines, internal tank piping, water handling lines, brine and brackish water, C02 and H2S.

Working pressure up to 450psi (depending on size).

Temperature capabilities up to 99 deg C (210 deg F).

Longest running stocking distributor of NOV FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS products with offerings from 1” to 36”.


We can assist you with your downhole tubing and casing projects by offering a selection of different services, including product selection through the use of StarWell & Well Analysis Tool as well as on-site delivery with our truck and trailer units.


Western Fiberglass is happy to offer either shop fabrication (if feasible) or we can make recommendations for a qualified contractor for your on-site fabrication if needed.

Glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) pipe can challenge metallic piping systems in today’s eco-environment due to the lower energy requirements needed for manufacturing and the lower energy use throughout the pipes’ service life. In the face of global warming, the use of our fiberglass piping solutions with GRE pipe, relative to carbon steel pipe, produces less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus makes it an attractive piping choice.

Fiberglass Piping Solutions

Western Fiberglass

Established over the last 40 years, Western Fiberglass is a stocking distributor of National Oilwell Varco, Fiberglass Systems composite tubular products. We are committed to excellence and are dedicated to perfection throughout every project.

These principles are the framework of the company and are essential to our success. We work closely with you from the planning stage to project completion to ensure success and unsurpassed quality control.


We specialize in designing, distributing and product support with our Fiberglass Pipe and Fittings. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss any questions you may have. Contact us today to find out more.

Accreditations & Certifications

Western Fiberglass provides a health and safety program that protects the safety and well-being of all employees, contractors, general public and the environment. Our goal is to provide our staff with the knowledge and training needed to work safely with fiberglass pipe Installation, in a work environment free from hazards, in order to achieve a healthy and injury free workplace. Safety is our utmost priority and responsibility, and we provide our employees with industry-leading safety training. The responsibility begins at the highest level of ownership and management and extends to all supervisors and employees.

We are currently registered and compliant with the following health and safety verification services:


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