Down Hole Tubing & Casing

We Specialize in High Quality Fiberglass
Facility Pipe, Line Pipe, and Tubing

Western Fiberglass Inc. supplies premium Star Fiberglass pipe, down hole tubing and casing as well as Red Thread and Green Thread HP facility and process piping to the oil and gas industry in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Our reputation for product perfection guarantees a high quality fiberglass material. Our fiberglass pipe and tubing systems can accommodate extreme heats and pressures. Find out more about our fiberglass pipe and tubing products below.

We can assist you with your downhole tubing & casing
projects by offering the following services.

Did you know?

Western Fiberglass Downhole Tubing & Casing Products

STAR Anhydride Downhole Tubing/Casing

STAR Aliphatic Downhole Tubing/Casing

STAR Aromatic Downhole Tubing/Casing

STAR Slotted Liners/Screens